Pop-Up Exhibition

project across Lübeck

(16.10.2020 – 15.11.2020)

10 Locations, 10 Artists, including: Josephiné Sagna, Janine Gerber, Anton Engel, Felix Thiele, Theo Huber, Matti Schulz, Flaccid Knobb, Chloe-Rose Purcell, Stephan Jäschke and I.

Exhibition Location:

Showing from
Ich dachte, die Dinge werden mit der Zeit einfacher (2019)
& Ikonografie der Trauer (2019 -)

I was part of the organising team with Darya Yakubovich and Pascal Simm, and in charge of the graphics.
Riso-Printed Flyer-Poster.
Print: Studio Hou Hou, Leipzig

Project website:


Funded by Kulturfunke*