Performance Intervention in Lübeck

11/12 &
September 2021

Anne Reiter
Vanessa Hartmann
Vedad Divović
Darya Yakubovich

Funded by:

In September 2021, visual artists Anne Reiter and Xiyu Tomorrow will transform Lübeck’s Old Town into a walking Open-Air Gallery! Through artistic interventions and participatory processes involving the City’s visitors, they will explore how to be in touch with another after the COVID-19 pandemic: Can a collaborative act in public space fill the voids of “social distancing”?

After spending 18 months “At-Home,” Anne and Xiyu will bring their textile and drawing works into the urban space. Visual artist Vanessa Hartmann is invited as their special guest. What unites them is their negotiation of public space as female artists, contrasting the techniques used, which are often associated with the secret, private and domestic. The artists work in public space, establishing mutual references in their works and thus weaving their surroundings into a dense visual fabric. Darya Yakubovich will interview the artists on the occasion of POP-UP artist talks, pictures will be taken by Vedad Divović.

The performance comes with a riso-printed Poster
(2colour-print: fluo-pink and cornflower) and flyer catalogue
designed by Xiyu and printed by RISOFORT.